EC project on open (indoor) data

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On 1 Jan 2014 we have just started a project, funded by the European Commission, called i-locate (Indoor/outdoor location and asset management through open geodata) on indoor and outdoor location based services. More information available from

Among other developments, i-locate will have to deliver a public portal for indoor geographical information as open data. Needless to say, we would like to maximise synergies with the OSM community. In fact we would be happy to provide -as a project- human resources, in terms of man power, to develop all the necessary online services to support easy sharing of indoor mapping data (e.g. from CAD files etc.). What we would like to receive from the community is some guidance on how to best leverage on existing know-how or experience would be most welcome.

Should there be an interest on this topic I would be more than happy to discuss this issue. Feel free to contact me via email at

I am looking forward to receiving your feedback,

Giuseppe Conti,
i-Locate project coordinator

Is your project after finishing, open source?

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And frist “please”: Change the map in your homepage:*

Demonstrate your competence and use OSM :slight_smile:

Hi Guiseppe,

you can find some people involved with indoor development on
I have worked very little with osm indoor data yet but would be interested in integrating it with our map link.

@marek: According to the fact-sheet, it seems to be the plan.


Thank you for your reply and for forwarding the link. We will try to contact some of those group (possibly where the pilot of our project will be located).

@marek: yes, it will be open source. In addition, our website will be soon be replaced with a new release. We are considering I guess this would be more palatable for the OSM community :slight_smile:

Indeed it would be nice if you could also “exploit” the results of i-locate.

I recommend joining the linkedin group at:

This is a rather active group (made also of people outside the consortium) which is constantly providing updates on the project or relevant initiatives on LBS.

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