E-mail sent by Discourse marked as spam (IPv6 reverse DNS missing)?

community.openstreetmap.org sends me e-mail notifications when topics I follow change, however it ends in spam. The main reason (from which all of others problems derive), seems to be that while envelope-sender is valid VERP to catch bounces (e.g. replies+verp-xxxxxxx@community.openstreetmap.org), the From: header field is set to e-mail address community@noreply.openstreetmap.org whose FQDN seems not to have valid FCrDNS for its IPv6 address (but has is only for its IPv4 address).

  • Working IPv4 FCrDNS:

    % host -t mx noreply.openstreetmap.org
    noreply.openstreetmap.org mail is handled by 10 a.mx.openstreetmap.org.
    % host a.mx.openstreetmap.org
    a.mx.openstreetmap.org has address
    a.mx.openstreetmap.org has IPv6 address 2001:41c9:1:400::32
    % host domain name pointer shenron.openstreetmap.org.
    % host shenron.openstreetmap.org
    shenron.openstreetmap.org has address
    shenron.openstreetmap.org has IPv6 address 2001:41c9:1:400::32
  • Failing IPv6 FCrDNS

    % host 2001:41c9:1:400::32
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Could someone please add correct reverse DNS records for IPv6?

It’s not something we can do directly but I’ve reached out to the ISP that provide that machine for us to see if they can update it.


This should be fixed now.


Thanks @TomH

@Matija_Nalis can you check now and if so, mark this topic as solved? Thanks!