e-mail not received


I have used this website on numerous occasions but when I sent for maps this time I have twice not received the notification that the map is ready to download. I have just put together another map and have been told that the e-mail has been successfully sent and there are 9 people in front of me in the queue. However I have not received the e-mail. I have done what was suggested and deleted my browser cache.

Please can you help?

Crash Dummy

You need to tell us a bit more about the website you were visiting. On this forum, there’s no way to request some map to be sent to your email address.

I’m guessing that the question is about garmin.openstreetmap.nl, and the answer is “it’s broken. Please use a different site for OSM-based maps. - there are lots of them”.

See numerous threads at https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewforum.php?id=26 and elsewhere for details.

This is not right, it works. !

Do not give a false answer. Was broken. And this you could have read in


I did read your message, but as the site has been up and down like a person of negotiable affection’s undergarments, I just assumed it had broken again. I’m sure it’ll be broken again in a day or so, then fixed again, etc…

Your read, also then make assumption, your sure and then these words, making a comparison. Out of proportion. Wow.

Except that the posting SomeoneElse was responding to, reported it was not working a day -after- your post saying that it was working again. Given the current state of the site, obviously assuming that it is then broken again is quite in order.

Before I posted here 24-9, this day I downloaded a another set for my Garmin/Mapsource. I downloaded 3 different sets in total.
Otherwise I would not have posted it here.

That Crash Dummy, tried to download on 23-9/24-9, is also assumption, if you do not test it yourself, then you give false information.
This is not helpful information for other readers using Openstreetmap for Garmin.

In the paste, there where problems, glad it is working again. Thanks to all that made this possible.


Thank you all for your replies. I still have not received either e-mails but have decided to download the 3 countries we will be visiting onto 3 separate cards. This seemed the easiest option.

Crash Dummy

Why on 3 seperate cards? If you have a not too old device you can rename the imgs and put them all on one card.
If you have an older device, and you have the 3 maps installed in Basecamp* on your computer, you can select all tiles that you need and send them as one map to your device. Of course only if there is enough space available on your SD card.

*) Important note