dyke color not rendered againt water

I am tagging using iD as editor in a wide river delta with lots of diked areas used for fish farming. I tag the area as water = pond, then the dykes as lines. The dykes are rendered as white lines agains the blue pond area. Exiting iD and looking back at the mapped ponds thru the browser however, the browser render does not show the dykes, only the blue pond. Any suggestions? Re editing and tagging individual plot of ponds will be time consuming.

Here is the map in question.


Dykes are not rendered on the standard OpenStreetMap style, see https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/issues/823 for the reason

You are not wasting your time as the map is not what any particular renderer makes of it, but the underlying data. There is a lot of data that is not visible on the default renderer on openstreetmap.org, e.g. opening times.