duplicated GEOnet Names Server (gns) info


For Ramat Gan we currently have two place nodes:


accuracy = minutes
gns_ref = -781147
name = רמת גן
name:en = Ramat Gan
name:en1 = Gan
name:he = רמת גן
place = town
source = GEOnet Names Server (gns)


created_by = Potlatch 0.10f
int_name = Ramat Gan
is_in = Israel
is_in:continent = Asia
name = רמת גן
name:en = Ramat Gan
name:he = רָמַת גַּן
place = city
population = 130000

I’d like to merge them and keep only one. I like better the position of the non GEOnet point.
The question: if I change or add stuff to the GEOnet point, should I keep
source = GEOnet Names Server (gns)
as this would no longer exactly represent the data in the GEOnet server?

This problem should also appear in a lot of other places.

See here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Israel#Heads_Up
Just remove the accuracy=minutes tag.

There are still many duplicated entries between a gns and an original one. When merging, please keep the gns_ref and the source info, you should remove the accuracy tag as I assume that you also place the node in the best place possible whereas the gns data is only approximate. Check also that the name fields made sense, remove any that don’t.

OK, merged.
Thanks for the help.