Dumb questions from a beginner

Hi, I have just discovered OSM and want to help. I have loaded maps onto my Garmin etrex Legend and, as a simple start, I thought I could begin by adding detail around my local area. So, for instance, if I use POI on my Garmin it shows local filling stations, but no names. I thought I’d add the names. It doesn’t show any nearby ATMs, though there are 3 locally.

So, being a beginner I used Potlatch, with offline editing. First, the selection of POIs (shown at the bottom of the screen) seems quite limited. There is no “Garage” or “Filling station”, no “ATM” or “Cash machine”. The garages, which I thought I’d help by naming, don’t appear on the map (and I have clicked on the “+” top right and tried Mapnik & Osmarender).

So rather than trample all over this and make a mess, I thought I’d ask. Help!


Hi John,

welcome in the wonderful world of OSM. To be able to answer your questions, you need to provide a bit more info. Can you tell us how you loaded the OSM maps on your Garmin? And also, can you tell us where you changed the POI’s on the map?

It 's most convenient if you post a link. To do this, look up the position on the OSM map on www.openstreetmap.org. Then, click on the ‘permanent link’ link on the bottom right of your browser. Next copy the address that appears in the adresbox on top, and add this to your reply.

Thanks, and lots of fun mapping…

Thanks T. I got the OSM map from Talkytoaster, downloaded, unzipped and loaded to my Garmin. If you’re in the UK, you’re familiar with TT?

I clicked on “Permalink” but, errr, I don’t believe I have an address box. Maybe it’s an option I have to switch on? Or do you mean the browser window address box? Is this the right link?


Anyway, I added;
a Total filling station at the junction of Church Lane & High Street 9approx in the middle of the map)
a Co-op “Convenience store” SE of there at the junction of High Street and a " lay by" where there is an arcade of shops.
a Tesco and a Lloyds Pharmacy along that “lay-by”.

or at least I think I did. This was all at about 10:30 this morning and I was using the simple Edit tab, Potlatch 1.4 for editing.


ps I’ve previewed, tried the link and it seems to work ok. It shows the area I was editing.

Looks like your edits worked OK John. They show up now. Don’t forget that sometimes edits don’t show for a while on the map.

So well done, you’ve made your first contribution and hopefully you will make many more. You will learn as you go and you may find it becomes a bit addictive after a while.

You may well want to contact other mappers in your area, you can find out who they are simply by clicking the little plus sign and checking the data box, then you can look at the details of who edited what.

Merry Christmas.

addictive? yes, I can see that :slight_smile:

Thanks Richard