Drop of a cliff?

I have been trying to add cliffs to an area SW of Llangattock in the Brecon Beacons link. The instructions on the Tag:natural=cliff page say “the top of the cliff should be to the left of the cliff, and the bottom on the right side”. I may be a complete idiot :/, but I don’t understand what that means - surly left & right depend on the direction of the cliff! Can anyone advise please?

As I’m using the NPE as my source I plotted the cliffs in Potlatch to ensure accurate tracing - it says “Please use Potlatch in preference to other sources to ensure accurate tracing”. My plot got the hatches on the wrong side of the line - presuming the solid line should be at the top of the cliff and the hatches on the downward slope. I therefore reversed the route using JOSM but this doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

Please help - I feel a little embarrassed!

Edited to add Permalink to the area

Every way in OSM has a direction, therefore left and right are always defined. Unfortunately, Potlatch doesn’t display way direction very intuitively - there’s an arrow below the way id in the lower left corner. It indicates the general direction of the selected way. At the same time, it’s also a button that can be used to change way direction.

Probably it just hasn’t been re-rendered yet. The data looks right, and at least for me, some parts of the cliffs have already changed direction in the Mapnik zoom 16 rendering.

Thanks Tordanik - now even I understand - left and right refer to the direction of the track, or in this case cliff. Can I be so cheeky as to suggest that the Tag:natural=cliff page is edited to say this; I’m guessing I’m not the only idiot trying to map :slight_smile: !

Feel free to improve the wiki page. :slight_smile: