Driving game?

Hi all…

I’ve been editing on OSM for some time, and the other day had an idea: What if you could make an open source driving game using OSM street data and USGS elevation data? It would be sort of an online multiplayer driving game, along the lines of Microsoft’s “Midtown Madness” series.

Sadly, I have no clue how to make such a game…


it would be even better if that game was on un-traced streets… again I’m an ideas-man

I approve, Sadly it will be very boring if you try to do it in the same way as Midtown madness, since there isn’t enough data… :slight_smile:

Taking mtrax serious, it acually would be more fun to play on untraced streets at 500kmh.

I was also thinking that a game “leader” could set the parameters of where the game would take place… for instance, drawing a geometric shape in the game and have it limited to that area.