drive restriction / time condition

There is a street which can be driven only from Monday to Friday and from 15:00 to 22:00hs
How do I write such restriction?


On the tags hour_on and hour_off are proposed for time conditions but this solution is not very intuitive.
An improved scheme is proposed on

The problem is that I have to split the hour_on and hour_off in two sets which is not possible by actual schemas. We specify closure dates/times and not permit times, perhaps we should consider writing a restriction using a sort of negative logical clause

Some stuff is hard to map

Did you have a look at the second link, I’m sure your situation can easily be expressed with that.

I’ll try to give an example, but from your wording I’m not sure whether the street is accessible Mo-Fr 15:00-22:00 or whether it’s accessible Mo-Fr and also 15:00-22:00 on Sa and Su. With the first interpretation, you could tag this like

access = no
access:(Mo-Fr 15:00-22:00) = yes

Of course, if access is only restricted for, say, vehicles, then you would use that key instead of access.

No application will actually understand it, though, but that’s true for all the suggestions for conditional tagging.

I did read it but since it is a proposed feature I didn’t dare to use it and decide to ask first
Vielen Dank