Drawing parts of the Lambeth Palace

Hi, I am adding rooms/parts to the Lambeth Palace in London, but struggle how to do it in the most correct way. Here is link to the object:

Basically on the OSM visualisation you can see the palace as a single building. However in edit mode you may see that inside the “building” geometry I’ve added several “buidling parts” geometries. Each “building part” have it’s own name: like “Dining hall”, “Guard room” and etc. So my problem that the names from “building parts” are not visualised in the OSM. Does this mean that I need to convert each “building part” into “building” and the palace should be a “multipolygon” object? What is your opinion on this?


You will find a lot of information on the relevant pages of the wiki.

To answer your main question, indoor mapping will not show on the default rendering on OSM.org.


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You should not mis-tag for the renderer..

The building of the palace is already a multipolygon. It’s probably arguable as to whether this is the full extent of the palace or whether that name could be on an entity that covers a broader area, but it’s probably OK as is.

Some of he building:part ways look like reasonable divisions of the building, others look like they might be better off mapped with the appropriate indoor tags mentioned by @H. Using the indoor tagging scheme should mean that the components will render on the likes on indoorequal.org and apps that support indoor views.