Drawing of rows of buildings

Normally we draw each building as a separate outline with building=yes ( or residential or what ever) and with address.
When we do it in Megacities with a lot of small buildings, navigation systems based on OSM doesn´t work well because of data amount.

In such cases i would suggest a kind of generalisation for data reduction.

Example see:


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I think this is not a problem at the moment.
e.g. the USA is much huger then India and there is no problem with navigation systems.


It´s no theory - it´s experience with navigation data: Indian buildings are significantly smaller than USA buildings.
The problem is the number of elements per km2. I tested it with real data from India.

All this elements loaded in RAM causes system crash :frowning:

I agree with Marek. Because of population effect many places are very small & congested compare to western world.

P.S. Past suggest: Approach (Tricks & Tips) working outside India, hardly work in India and vice versa :wink: