Drag Lifts arn't visible in OPM [solved]

I hope, I’m in the correct Category…

Why are the Drag Lifts in openpistemap.org not visible?
But in openstreetmap.org, the drag lifts are visible. I think in OPM its much important to show the lifts.

Well it says on the site: “Contributors should use the proposed piste map tags in order to see their work rendered here.”

I’m not sure why that is exactly, but I do know that these snowsports tags have suffered from a lot of wikifiddling, and not much wiki tidying. For years there’s been a Proposed features/Piste Maps page with a whole load of different tags listed. These don’t match the Key:aerialway information. People keep adding new ideas to the proposal. …all said and done, it’s another wiki tagging mess. Of course the fact that OpenPisteMap follows the “proposed” tags and not the other ones adds to the confusion, but presumably Steve Hill just prefers those tags. He’s free to render the tags he likes.

The way out of that mess is to try to recompose the proposal as a clear change to the existing docs, and probably split it out into a series of proposals to be considered separately. You’re welcome to get stuck in on the wiki discussions and try to make that happen, but that kind of thing is a difficult slow process.

The site also says “Questions and comments should be directed to webmaster [at] openpistemap.org

now, my drag_lifts are also in OPM visible.
I just added: