downloading openfietsmap for Mac

my JaVaWa converter says the TDB file is missing from my downloaded Western Europe map from openfietsmap

what to do?

You have either an unfinished/corrupt download (download it again) or the wrong download (download the pc version).

First I downloaded the GPS version and the TDB file was missing. After I downloaded the PC version and the TDB file was missing as well.
So I try another download. I work on an Imac with OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 and an Edge 800 with a 32Gb memory card.

The missing TBD file keeps missing in each download i try according to the JaVaWa converter. By inspecting the OFM(EU2014_W) folder I however see a TBD file present. So what is going on?

I’m not a Mac user so I cant tell what exactly you are doing wrong but I guess you move the wrong folder to the converter. You can search for an answer on because this mistake is made quite often.