Downloading earth map in very high res (100k)


I’m looking to download the earth map in a format similar to:

using OSM. Is it possible to achieve that, or at least, download individual tiles that can be later merged into a single big file ?

The page you reference appears to be a photograph, not a map.

I’m guessing 100k means the the number of pixels, as that is the only way of interpreting a pure number sensibly. OSM is not measured in pixels, as it is a vector map. I’m not sure of that theoretical resolution of OSM, but over small areas it is usually better than 1 metre, so I’d say it was the equivalent of 40Mpixels by 20Mpixels. Over larger areas,most of it is probably accurate to about 15 metres.

Whilst you could download tiles from various renderings, note that, the resolution of the standard tiles assumes that they will be composed into an image at typical screen resolutions, so trying to put them together for larger screens will produce print that is too small to read, and excessive clutter. Also, downloading all the tiles, for the earth, at a high zoom level would not be fair use of the standard renderings, so you would need to ask permission, or create your own tool chain to render, how you like, from the vector map.

Also note that there are tools that will render the map in vector publishing formats, in particular PDF, so the ultimate pixel resolution is determined by your printer. You can get PDF maps even from the main website page.

Thanks for the response !

Yes, that’s correct, I need a photo which would be 100,000x50,0000 (maybe higher, experimentation will tell). I need it to test a few ideas of how would one go about using such a photo to display it on a mobile device.

Is OSM capable of generating such images and if so, can you provide an example of URL that would fetch a single rendered tile of it ?

No. OSM does not contain any photographs.

here is some example of a very high resolution ( you have to download the image, and then you can zoom in :wink: