Downloaded map, what now?

I am new to the OSM world. I am posted to South Sudan and try to load the relevant tiles onto my Garmin GPSMap 60CSx via Mapsource, installed on my PC. Have selected the relevant tiles, received the down load link and downloaded osm_generic_windows.exe,, 2000.htm, 63240000.htm, 63240000_license.txt, tiles.txt and Have installed osm_generic_windows.exe ok and unzipped into osm_generic_gmapsupp.img. :slight_smile:
But what now? I can’t find instructions how to proceed. :frowning: Can some one point me to a link or briefly explain please?
Many thanks

The _windows.exe version is useful if you have MapSource (MS) or BaseCamp (BC) installed. Just execute the .exe and it will unpack and install the map for MS or BC. When the installer is finished start MS or BC.

The version is intended to be unpacked to the GPS device SD-card. If you unpacked the zip to your harddrive then copy the gmapsupp.img and put it on the GPS SD-card in the directory named “Garmin”.

I’ve added it to
Maybe someone can add more info for the Mac installation, I dont have a Mac.

Yes, I need to make some time to write the manual :roll_eyes:

See :wink: