Download XML files with wegt?


I want to download the OSM XML file with wget, but this does not work. It worked well with API 0.5 but for 0.6 it does not work.
Here is what I do and the response
wget -O x.xml,60.142,25.004,60.339
=> x.xml' Connecting to []( connected! HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found Location: [,60.142,25.004,60](,60.142,25.004,60) .339 [following] --17:12:16-- [,60.142,25](,60.142,25) .004,60.339 => x.xml’
Connecting to… connected!
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 501 Internal Server Error
17:12:42 ERROR 501: Internal Server Error.

I must use the server, because my request is too big to get it directly from OSM.
They also suggest to use planet.osm, but how???
BTW: I also used brackets [bbox=24.897,60.142,25.004,60.339] but with the same result.

Does anyone has a suggestion what to do?
Thanks to all!

I have the same problem…

XAPI is mostly broken at the moment, I believe.