Download Streets Only from OSM

Hi guys I need help,
I am using JOSM and trying to download the streets of Iraq, but not expert in writing scripts, using overpass Api
I tried to download all country and delete the rest accept roads this is causing JOSM to crash.
I tired to download the data set from Geofabrik, but the data is poor. missing a lot of information about the streets which are available on the OSM map.

It is odd that the Gofabrik extract for Iraq is missing things that are on the OSM map. In my experience the extracts I use have everything that is displayed on the reference rendering at and a whole lot more that the standard style sheets don’t support. Which extract are you using?

I downloaded the iraq_latest_osm one month ago, and the file was updated in December in Geofabrik.
Thanks for the feed back. I will check again and compare the data