Download public transport sites as GPX


I am trying to download the information about public transport sites as GPX for a specific region. This article (German) describes I should write a query like below and I would get the data, but it doesn’t work. I think they stopped providing the service under the given address. Or maybe my query is just wrong. What can I do to achieve what I aim for?

My query now looks like this:[public_transport=stop_position][bbox=5.85,52.57,9.52,50.29]

The “~” in the URI is a de facto indication that the part of web site below that point is personal space of a user. That user has probably graduated and lost their personal web space at the university.

It also looks as though this is something that was done 10 years ago, and I get the impression that the overpass API may be the way to go now, although I haven’t used it enough, and my German isn’t good enough, to be sure that it is capable of doing the same things.

Thank you, the Overpass API ist exactly what I was looking for. It does pretty much the same thing, in a much better way. I wonder why I didn’t find it in the first place. I found that link to that German University somewhere on the openstreetmap wiki.

Out of curiosity, what query did you end up using?