Download OpenStreetMap for Garmin Nuvi on Mac

Hello everyone,

One of my friend told me that OpenStreetMap data is Free and i don’t need to pay for access to the data. Most of the popular websites build their own OpenStreetMap server for an effective Online Business Communication. I want to download GPS Maps for a Garmin Nuvi device from OpenStreetMap for Garmin. There are a number options for downloads most of which are for windows. There is a link for Mac but when I open it, I get the message “no application to open the file”. I tried using WinZip which made matters worse. There is no help available from OpenStreetMap… Can anyone give me step by step instructions for this? There are a couple of videos on YouTube but they do not work on Mac as shown on the video.Can You explain how to add OpenStreetMaps to open layer. I wonder if some one can help.

Any help appreciated!!!


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I can’t help with MAC specific problems but you have to copy a so called gmapsupp.img into a folder called Garmin on your device or an SD card. Maybe this FAQ helps: