Download openstreetmap area at 1:25000 for printing?

Hello all,

In a few days I go with a few friends on a hiking holiday. We’ll be visiting the German alps. Mainly the area around zugspitze/grainau. However I don’t have internet access there, so using the online openstreetmaps is simply impossible.

As I don’t have internet taking a smartphone isn’t really useful - I rather just take some old fashioned cards & compass; those always work.

I do like the effort of openstreetmaps however, is it possible to download say a 20 x 20 km area around grainau at scale 1:25000 and print them to pdfs?

I use this to print Openstreetmaps:

If you can live with the specific codes that are included on the map, you can set up whatever area you like to print in as many (sub)sheets as you like.

It is possible to create topographic maps merging elevation information from other sources with OSM data and producing it so that it prints to a desired scale. I created such a map for some areas I go back country skiing in.

But I don’t know of an on line source that does that and allows you to print to scale and setting up the scripts and getting everything debugged is more than a few day’s effort. At least it was for me.

In the meantime, consider using OsmAnd on your smartphone: It can save load the OSM data as a database rather than tiles so the storage is not too bad and there are contour/elevation data files available for it too.

If you have an Android smartphone you could use Locus Map + the offline maps from openandromaps (those maps are optimized for hiking and have elevation data).

For printing maps you could use Maperitive + download the needed mapdata from Geofabrik. There may be easier tools here:

There are also special hiking maps for Garmin devices, for example here: