Download map Patagonia into Basecamp

I am a brand new user of this forum and a fairly new user of a Garmin GPS, so please be patient with me.
In the past, I managed to download maps of European countries from the Open Street Map web site ( and lately from the Freizeitkarte web sites (for instance Germany from
I like the latter better because they come standard with elevation profiles.
I install these downloaded maps in BaseCamp (where I prepare hikes) and from there I export the tracks and maps to my Garmin Oregon 700.
So far so good.
We are planning a trip to Patagonia and I would like to prepare dayhikes the way I do it for European trips.
I could download a combined map of Chile and Argentina from
This map does however not only not have elevations it does not have any small tracks and trails either.
I could also download a map of Argentina from
This map has some (most) of the trails in Argentina but no elevations.
This map shows also some roads in Chile but no trails at all and no elevations either.
On the website of Open Street Map I can find a map for Chile ( and from Argentina ( or even for Patagonia (
All these maps are great. They show a nice level of detail, have elevations and show all trails.
My question is however: how can I donload these maps to install in Basecamp and from there on my GPS.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction for a simple method (I am not a computer geek)

The level of detail you are seeing is a combination of the renderer you are using, and the fact that Chile is not a rich Western country. Doing the same for England, would result in a lot more detail, because there are lot of people in England putting personal time into contributing to the map.

The Garmin tools start from the actual map data, not from a rendered image, and filter it in their own way. An example of the detail in a well mapped part of Chile is However, even there, there you are likely to find that most of the things in the map are actually being rendered, whereas, in England you are likely to find lots of features that are not considered worthy of rendering in the standard rendering. As a simple example, select the transport map on the above town, and there is no additional data, but do it England, and you will normally see many bus routes appearing.

Also, there is a specific forum for Garmin mapping, and you are more likely to find people who are expert in the Garmin map preparation tools there, than on this forum, which concentrates more on the collection of the map data and its use in general, rather the the specific case of using it on Garmin devices.

Maybe the better way for you is to create your own map (the files for Basecamp or your GPS).
Since you like Freizeitkarte see


… looks like you’ve got another answer at .

(just cross-referencing for future reference in case anyone finds this in the future).

Thank you very much for all your help.
I managed to download a topo map for the Southern part of South America with the level of detail and elevation contours from