Download Lambertus' TH map from here

Hi All,

Lambertus’ OSM-Garmin server is creaking, there have been many problems in the last weeks with it either being unavailable or serving links to the wrong maps. I have emailed Lambertus, but had no response so far, so I’m assuming for the time being he is missing, presumed busy.

I have just managed to download and install the latest TH_new_style map and I’m making the file available for download, in the hope to take a little load off the server and to save everybody time and frustration trying to obtain the new map.

The file is here:

I note the map is already one week old, according to the time stamp, but as it wasn’t visible to me a few days ago I suspect that the server now takes several days to update the map data.

Note if you want to get any other maps directly off the server, it takes 5-10 minutes after selecting a country until you get a link. I found there is no point in clicking anywhere else in a vain effort to speed things up.

When you do get a link check the files carefully. Sometimes they are not what you expect.

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Thanks Peter.
Slightly off topic but relates to server speed - can any of you data wizards tell me how many nodes Thailand has had on a yearly basis … I would love to gauge the increase in size each year, and more importantly, the effect that FB AI team have had.
It’s clear that some of the Machine learned tracks added, have an inordinate number of nodes compared what a human plotter, would use. This is most noticeable on straight sections where a human knows the track is straight, while the machine sees every overhanging bush, tree, and Soi dog, as a slight deviation in the centre line of the road… its not good mapping, takes time to correct, and, oh yes, “bang it in and move on” ! I almost forgot. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you the number of nodes added per year but you might be interested in this fact anyway.

I saved an executable file of Thailand from 2013 thinking someday I’d load it into Basecamp with a modern version and compare the maps. So, I have the Lambertus Thailand map from some time in 2013 and it weighs in at ~54 Mb. The most recent one I downloaded from his site was in January of 2018 (I use my own maps mostly) and it is 148 Mb in size (189 Mb expanded). Note that both of those executables are compressed - the contents expand after installation but I’d bet both have the same packing ratio so it’s valid to compare them. I conclude that the amount of data contained in Lambertus’s Thailand map has roughly tripled since 2013.

Someone geekier than I will have to do the #nodes/year survey.



In case you are interested in an alternative: I’ve just uploaded an updated version of my map. See

As it was asked here, statistics can be found here:

or here:

In the context of Garmin maps, probably interesting that Facebook activities produced no unusual activities regarding the major highways. The spikes are regarding minor rods (tracks/service/residential or unclassified).

Let’s see if I can help you fans of “Lambertus maps”.
I assume that he uses the “default” style which comes with mkgmap, and does not use a TYP file.
So I downloaded the latest version of mkgmap (4255), the latest “boundaries” and “precompiled sea” files, and the latest Geofabrik extract of Thailand.
In the default style, I did one minor change: all “Facebook imports” with an “import=yes” tag were re-mapped to “highway=road”.
Then I run my scripts, and uploaded the resulting gmapsupp.img to Google Drive (I cannot provide an executable. as linked by Beddhist).
You can get the map here (ca. 180 MB):

Thanks for the offer Bernhard. This will help folks out a lot until Lambertus returns or goes into retirement. If the latter, it may be some time before someone steps up and volunteers to do the job Lambertus has done so well for years.

On his site, I used to be able to link to the file for downloading but now the site appears down or at least too busy to offer service.

I know there is an alternative source of both and Do you happen to have a link for it?


I found it on the mkgmap site. Sorry to bother you.

These links are posted for anyone who needs and


I have updated the TH file with the latest version.

If you are selecting other countries remember to just be patient. It takes 5-10 mins. for the server to check for an existing map.

Peter, the same issue as before is happening - when you hit on the link for Generic Routable (new style), we are getting the old style downloaded, (That’s the one with no one-way arrows, unpaved roads, and the horrible yellow background).
Is Lambertus the only one who can sort out this page for us ? Its a great shame to pull him away from personal life, but for many people including myself, it the only OSM>Garmin download site we ever chose to use.

Strange: it worked for me on the first attempt.

AFAIK Lambertus is the owner and the only one who can fix it. I suspect he uses what little time he has to nurse it along.

Other options are Berhard’s generous offer above, albeit in standard Garmin format (Shelters become campgrounds, etc.) and there is someone on who produces a weekly Th map for Garmin. I haven’t tried either of them yet.

On top of that we have the FB and Grab fiascos and I’m stepping back from mapping for now.



I was able to get a fresh download of the New Style installation earlier today. It’s in my Dropbox if you want to download it. I renamed it to osm_Thailand. exe but it is the Generic Routable (new style) version.


I guess Lambertus just gave us a xmas present: the map data has been updated 25/12/2018.

The server is still slow, so you can download the latest ‘new style’ map from the link in the first post.


Wow, whats going on … another update available 29-12-18
Thanks Lambertus, and another little Paypal donation on its way to you.
Rgds, Russ.

… and would add it selected and downloaded the correct New style this time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up. The generic new style map (exe installer) is available from the link in post @1.