Download GeoJSON for all Indian Cities

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I need to get the GEOJSON data field for all indian cities , so let me know if that data is already available.

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If your research didn’t return any results so far than a ready-to-use file like this doesn’t exist. You will have to query the database yourself.

I suggest . Keep in mind that a “city”* can be mapped as a single node, a way/area or a (border-)relation or all 3 together (redundancy!).

*Also compare your definition of “city” and how a city is defined in OSM (

Your question is not very clear. While there is a lot of data for Indian cities, I’m pretty sure it is not complete.
Did you have a look at e.g. to see whether the information you need is available (e.g. streets, landuse, rivers, …) ?

I think the best place to obtain the raw OSM data is geofrabrik, but you might have to convert the format they provide to geojson yourself.

You could also download data via Overpass, but I’m not sure whether the amount of data you want, can be downloaded via that API. It will work for 1 town.

Please keep in mind that Overpass API also does not provide data in GeoJSON format. You would have to convert to convert them yourself, like in the case of the Geofabrik extracts. overpass turbo can do that conversion in the browser. However, depending on your available memory, that may still work for a city. For sure you won’t be able to process all Indian cities at once in your browser.