Download data along a track

So I was thinking about getting a cheap used extrex 10 with limited storage.
The question is: is there any other way besides josm “download data along track” to get a data that is limited to a certain region near the pre-planned gpx route.
Something that works in terminal, and can download that data or “cut it out” of a large extract along the track would be highly appreciated


It’s actually not that difficult. If you’re familiar with the Free Routable Garmin site at you might not know you can manually select certain blocks of OSM data to build a “Custom Map”. Only select enough blocks to cover the area you intend to travel in. Just click the checkbox following “Enable manual tile selection:”

Zoom to the general area and start clicking blue outlined blocks. Once you have the ones you need, fill in your email address in the next section and click Build my Map. Wait for the email that says your request is finished. Click the link for the Windows or MAC installer and download your map. Install it and you’re good to go.

I’ve done this many times. The only tricky thing is determining exactly which blocks you need if you don’t happen to know in advance which route you’ll be taking.

Dave garmin extracts allow you to select a polygon bounding only the area you want coverage of too.

But I suggest you purchase the eTrex 20 instead as the extra capability is well worth it in my humble opinion.

Thanks for both ideas
I will be looking into the polygon thing, in combination with osmosis I should be able to cut the map and then convert it
eTrex 20 costs ~3x as much used, but it is probably the better solution

(apologies for stating the bleeding obvious, but)

Presumably you’ve considered older-series Garmins such as a Vista HCx or similar? The risk is that the “pointy stick” is less reliable than new (I had one that failed so that it could only go in 2 directions not 4), but overall still more usable than an eTrex 10.

Not yet @SomeoneElse
I will have a look at it

I believe the Maps for Garmin fenix provided by Andrzej Popowski are also suitable for the eTrex 10 if you require just the basics.

Perfect explain in this youtube film how to put a map on the etrex10