Download all GPS traces for a particular road.

Hi everyone,

I am currently developing an algorythm that from a set of gps traces returns the average road geometry. Therefore, I would like to download from the osm database all the GPS traces that match a particular road to see if the resulting geometry is a good approximation of the road itself. Problem: I have no idea how to do that! Could someone explain to me how to do such a thing? :slight_smile:

Not sure how to do that but take a look at Slide:

That is a plug-in to ID (not released to the main ID branch yet) that has an algorithm to have a OSM way follow a GPS heat map. You might want to contact Strava for information about that. There was also a presentation about this at the recent US State of the Map, you can view the video at

Thank you for your quick response!

Ok, I think I should go with something simpler and download all the GPS traces corresponding to a bounding box and then work on the specific road I am interested in.
Thank you very much though for your help!