Dowload map on CX276 KO but OK on 650 T ?

Good morning all, and thanks to you to wellcome me here :-).

I have downloaded a map from OSM, and i can download it on my Garmin 650T, but not on my 276 Cx.

With Mapsource, i select the map (becoming pink) then i download it :

  • on 650 T it is ok. When i zoom in, i can see the small trails, dunes, land…
  • on 276cx it KO !! when i zoom i just see my way point and no thing around…

Same with Basecamp, but with Basecamp i do not know how to select a map (is it automatic ?).

Can you help please :roll_eyes:
many thanks in advance

I think i have understood my mistake.

  • on 650 T, you select “download” then select tick box Map, Waypoint… to get the maps on the devis
  • on 276Cx, when you select “Download”,… you just do not know what it does. No message displayed, no question asked.
    → you must select “Maps” in the menu, then “Install Maps” down on the list

Sorry for disturbing and thank you all.