Doroga TV

I suppose spam or ???
They are spamming the gmx upload of tracks by automatic permanent uploads.
No chance to come to edit a new path on the map.

Any news and actions?


no answers yet? mass spam, maybe virus(?) on osm – take care !

might be useful if you’d provide a link to whatever you’re talking about…

just look here:

Sounds like it is some form of mass import of donated GPS traces. It doesn’t seem to say though how big an import it is and how long it is expected to be going on for

thanks amm for your link.

I have this question: how do such/similar traces contribute?
I mean, that a trace should be edited to a map by a user. What service from a trace upload?
With significant tags: ok; maybe it is helpful;
But as mass import - it is still loading; i did not see any tags, yet.


I haven’t looked at or know anything about this specific upload, but pure GPX traces can be useful. Of cause, it would be nicer if they also properly used the GPX traces them selves to create OSM ways with tags, but that is not always a reasonable thing to ask.

Although Gps is becoming more prevelant these days, there are still large numbers of people who don’t have a GPS unit at hand. In areas where there are no Areal photos, these users could not contribute to OSM even if they may have extensive knowledge of an area.

On the other hand, if someone has mass uploaded GPX traces for the area, they could use those anonymous traces together with their local knowledge to infer were roads should be and add the appropriate metadata and tags from memory.

So mass GPX traces can potentially help kick start new areas for OSM, as has happened for example in the very early days in London before the yahoo imagery was available.

But as said, I can’t judge this is the case for doroga TV uploads.

Doroga TV have a website at :

Google translate from Russian:

Services include traffic congestion maps, city maps etc.

This trace, for instance, seems to cover main roads in Kaliningrad:

sorry for kicking this up

is there any more info on this?

i noticed user doroga tv was the top contributor so i was trying to see what they were adding.

try downloading this area (with raw gps data) in josm:

totally unusable if you ask me…

sorry, my josm was apparently f**ked up. new version fixed everything…
most traces seem to be used/traced already…


Iam new to openstreetmap. Iam confused to integrate the osm in my site. I want to use the flash map for searching purpose. please help me. It’s urgent. don’t mine if any mistakes.

Thanks in advance.