dog waiste bins

Please tell me how to tag the following:

I have been using (as a placeholder):


(as a side note what do i do about little bins)

perhaps adding bin to that description? It feels like you are mapping something that is dog_made=street_item.


I’ve been tagging them as amenity=dog_bin. This cropped up on the OSM talk list in December and someone did a quick search and some councils call them dog bins, and others call them dog waste bins. My local council and the one where I grew up called them dog bins so I’d not heard the version with waste in the name.

I noticed the other day that a local ‘standard’ waste/rubbish bin is labelled as suitable for dog poo. In the UK dedicated dog waste bins tend to be a rather lurid red colour and therefore very distinctive. They come in two forms: a small one mounted on a post (as in the photo), usually festooned with little smelly plastic sacs because they are not big enough; or larger floor-standing ones with a curious conical top.

On a purist level I’d want to do something like amenity=waste_bin waste_bin=dog_waste …, but on a practical level I think its better to have the amenity=dog_bin or dog_waste_bin. I imagine these will be mapped more assiduously than ordinary litter bins, because they are usually located in heavily used parks, nature reserves and other amenity areas. Only problem is that this approach just puts more stuff in amenity.

A better tag for the object, rather than its function, might be man_made=street_furniture (the official term) street_furniture=dog_waste_type1 or similar.


Why dog bins ???