Does Apple Maps use OSM for hiking trails?

I noticed today that photos I’d taken on a quite small hiking trail showed the trail itself when viewed in on the map in the Photos app. Anyone noticed that as well?

Technically it could be from other sources, but to me it seems identical and don’t have the extra trails that the open public source

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Apple Maps also uses OpenStreetMap data:

Data from TomTom, ©OpenStreetMap and other data providers

Contains map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, Copyright and License | OpenStreetMap

However, it is unclear whether this is the case here. A little further north, there are differences between OSM and Apple Maps:,58.24325447612128,8.108477333414214,58.24068697216478&strict_bbox=1

I can’t rule out that Apple is using old OSM data here, which had a different geometry.

DuckDuckGo, which uses Apple map data, is suitable for a comparison without an Apple device:,58.24014122855472,8.121454730110642,58.23357944043437&strict_bbox=1

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