Does anyone know this coordinate system?

I was given these coordinates for an ejido (communal land) in north Mejico. But I am not familiar with such coordinate system. Do these coordinates make sense to anyone here?
60 3,081,360.01 450,923.11
61 3,083,607.31 454,233.80
62 3,080,154.50 456,636.75
63 3,077,725.18 453,085.92

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Do you have an OSM location for this area that we can compare?

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That is around N27.85665° W105.48550°
I have a good estimation of where those points may be. But it’d be good to have more than an estimation on how that translates.

Wondering if they could possibly be UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) references as often used on military maps & similar?

The example they quote there:
is vaguely similar to your figures?


First you must define or find which is the ITRF reference frame used in Mexico and then do the coordinate conversion.

I have asked and the source is indeed military. And using UTM it matches very closely to what I would expect. That must be it.
Sadly no datum was indicated along with the coordinates.
Thank you.


I have found some references about the Mejico military switching from NAD27 to ITRF92
But nothing definitive yet.
Thank you.

ITRF2008, now you just have to search in which are the EPSG codes used.
For ITRF2008 is found= 6363, 6364, 6365, 6372.
ITRF92= EPSG:6362 offers a coordinate conversion tool between different EPSGs.

These are cartesian xy coordinates fitted to an ITRF system, represent distances from a series of parameters=
Origin Latitude, Origin Longitude, Parallel Standard 1, Parallel Standard 2, Scale Factor, False Easting, False Northing.

Regarding the coordinates that you share, they are misspelled.
60, 61, 62, 63 They must be a numeral order, they are 2 digits that are not part of the coordinates.
3,081,360.01 450,923.11 includes commas that shouldn’t be there.
I would think they copied the coordinates from an excel file or spreadsheet and sent them to you uncorrected.
3,081,360.01 450,923.11 = 3081360.01 450923.11

And now, already having “3081360.01 450923.11” we must determine which of the 2 values ​​corresponds to X and which to Y.

The challenge is interesting, do not give up.
To further complete the information, it would help a bit to know which objects these coordinates belong to? geodesic vertices, glonass stations, weather monitoring stations, …??

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I did a small conversion from EPSG:6362 to EPSG:4326 and the result is=

3081360.01 450923.11 = 15.9433592,-96.5858048

3083607.31 454233.80 = 15.9723944,-96.5637249

3080154.50 456636.75 = 15.9952065,-96.5950155

3077725.18 453085.92 = 15.9640600,-96.6188657