Does anyone have a free dataset for IDF training areas (aka שטחי אש)?

I noticed that OSM only has these marked in some of the areas, but not all. This can be very dangerous for hikers who rely on stuff like Israel Hiking Map, because they might wander into one of these areas accidentally.

According to what I can find online, these are areas where the IDF trains with live fire, and while they don’t usually do so on weekends, they sometimes do. So the danger to hikers is quite high.

I tried looking for an open dataset so we can import all these areas, but I couldn’t find any on
govmap has this as an extra layer, but unfortunately govmap is not open data…

I have requested this data with a “freedom of information” request, but it was refused. For more information, please see

The court will hear our appeal sometimes in May 2018.

Wow, this is outright absurd. They’re actively putting people in danger by not releasing this information.

I hope the court will listen to reason.

FYI, we received the data from the IDF, and it was uploaded to OSM using the tags landuse=military, military=training_area, and source=idf