Does a tag exist for tagging a filming location?

Is there a tag or set of tags that exist for tagging a filming location or even a specific area and angle for a filming location?

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Taginfo reveals several ‘film’ related keys having been used in the past, but if that’s what you’re looking for is for you to determine

If there’s not something “phisical” (like a memorial plaque that commemorates the movie, or a statue of a character ecc.), I don’t think it belongs to OSM.


If there is a specific camera position (and optionally angle) then it would be a tourism=viewpoint, provided it is sufficiently verifiable.


Only if it’s a spot that’s explicitly known for attracting visitors because of the scenery/view (which could be because it was made famous by a movie).

A place where tourists, visitors, hikers might like to visit and take photographs. A place, often high, with a good view of surrounding countryside or notable buildings. Sometimes called a vista point or scenic area/point, lookout or overlook.

If it’s just a random place that isn’t known for its good view of the surroundings, then tourism=viewpoint is inappropriate. In any case, the ‘specific angle’ should be for the viewpoint and not for its occurrence in some movie.

I generally don’t think this is something that should be tagged in OSM.


Excellent, I’ll review the current uses of the labels that have been mentioned and see if they fit to my use case. Thank you very much for your help!

As an aside, if they are not appropriate, how else could I map these? Does OSM has a sister project for mapping non-physical ‘meta data’ things?

Maybe you could make yourself a uMap with the locations on top of an OSM basemap.


The problem with a filming location is that it is often not a permanent or physical feature. OSM places an emphasis on mapping permanent features (though exceptions do exist like yurts in Mongolia that are at least semi-permanent) and are physical in some sense. If a place has been physically marked with a plaque or a sign as the former location for where a movie or series was filmed, this might be appropriate to record in the OSM database.

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If something is an actual tourism attraction then tourism=attraction may be viable, but filming location rarely is one. Filming locations in general are not mappable in OSM