Does a single miniature railway already count as theme_park?

I found Changeset: 133919272 | OpenStreetMap and was wondering if a single
railway=miniature already counts as tourism=theme_park.
In my eyes, it does not but I would be happy about some opinions.

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I wouldn’t have thought so, but it’s only their second OSM edit, so I wouldn’t be too hard on them :slight_smile:

Maybe (after saying “hello and welcome”) show them how other similar miniature railways have been mapped?

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I had already written a CS-comment but messed up with uploading. Now, I have succesfully commented.

How do I map a miniature railway besides the tracks? Even with a relation type=railway I have problems adding opening_hours and for sure it is only rendered with special maps.

Maybe DE:Key:club - OpenStreetMap Wiki ? Assuming that this “them-park” is run by some kind of club :wink:

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Maybe (after saying “hello and welcome”) show them how other similar miniature railways have been mapped?

S/he said s/he was copying a Swiss example :man_shrugging:

I’ve mapped a stand-alone mini rail here:

The other one has been deleted in the meantime, I guess it is gone, IIRR, the other one was also mapped as theme park, although it was inside a public park and very small, it had a small fence around it and some lights and figures and the train crossed an “artificial hill” (made of resin), it was tiny in size and with free admission, but you paid for the ride and it was just a few meters in a circle.

Generally, if it’s just a miniature train, I would map just this, if there’s something more, I would be generous and let them have their mini themepark fee=no, if they think it is.

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Yes, it is run by a club but there is no office or meeting room. The club is only the operator.

It is just the miniature train and one ancient steam locomotive. It is only open to the public on a few Sundays per year for 3-4 hours.

I thought I take a look how rides in a theme park are tagged but the wiki explicitly states that miniature trains should not be mapped as tourism=attraction + attraction=train, see

I found two hands full of attraction=miniature_train on taginfo. So far the best choice to add website, opening_hours and charge.