Do we have "how can you help openstreetmap" page?

Do we have “how can you help OpenStreetMap” page?

Something suitable for new people and listing how they can help by mapping / translating / coding / donating / etc?

The wiki has many overlooked content How to contribute - OpenStreetMap Wiki


Do you mean, How can we give back? (on Welcome Mat)

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Got following answer via PM somewhere else, posting as agreed:

Help page on website lists Beginner’s Guide.
There you can go to How to Contribute page.

For developers there is also videos from SotM like

and for people wanting to join OSMF etc.
Support website, on donation page, goes straight to
but also to welcome mat

There is also

explaining you can create a note.

And niche page for donating hardware.
(Most people donate money to buy hardware.)

HOTOSM also has overview video