Do we have a tag for phone charging points?

Recently many public places started to offer (usually free) places where you can charge your phone. I saw them at airports, fuel stations and even outside near bus stops.
But I can’t find any tag for this. Do we have one?


interesting question. but usually you can load the battery of any electronic gear in that boxes. Their ist simply no way to limit it to phones.

battery charging low voltage?

Agree, it’s a generic battery charging station.
So, amenity=charging_station with optional voltage=5V + socket:usb=yes should do the job?

I think so. Hoppfully nobody mess it upp with charching_station for Cars :wink:

Please don’t use charging station, that is only for vehicles. Use e.g. the proposal instead. This was discussed on the tagging mailing list earlier this year (can’t find the thread at this moment).