"DK Horsens" is missing when downloading "Denmark"

“DK Horsens” is missing when downloading “Denmark”, who can solve that problem.

Can you explain a bit more about what the problem is? What did you download, and from where? When you say that Horsens was missing, where did you expect to see it?

From the URL http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ I selected Europe / Denmark and downloaded the map files.
I copied the map file gmapsupp.img into my Garmin Montana 600 GPS, but realised, that the area around a city named Horsens was missing.
By looking closer to the map on the GPS I found that the whole area named “DK-Horsens” in the overview map in Openstreetmap is missing.

Then I have tried to select “DK-Horsens” in Openstreetmap, download the map file and load it into the GPS.
In the GPS map menu it is not possible to select this map, and it is hence not shown on the display.
It seems the map file “DK-Horsens” is somehow corrupted.

My old map file for Denmark which I downloaded 2 years ago shows the area “DK-Horsens” correct.

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