"Discourse Solved" plugin clarifications?

@Ezekielf and I wonder how either he (as US moderator) or the topic Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz to San Francisco is expressway=yes? originator @EvanSiroky can offer a “Discourse Solved” (green checkbox) to what is currently the last post of that topic (mine). Zeke was unable to find a simple method using the Discourse Solved - plugin - Discourse Meta plugin that he might assign to my post, saying he believes only the originator @EvanSiroky can do this, or perhaps that may be doable only in certain topics or Communities. I might not be getting all the terminology correct, but that’s the gist of my question. Some clarification on how those green “Solved” checkboxes appear and how we might (more flexibly?) assign those, say by a Community moderator. Thank you in advance for your reply.

I had a similar thing the other day.

Somebody had started a thread, I then asked a question of my own in that thread which somebody was able to solve, but I couldn’t add a “resolved” tick to my post?

I assumed at the time that only the originator could solve things, & then only the whole thread in one go?

If you want to use the solved tick you first have to get that arranged by an admin for your subcategory “United States” in general like it was done (on explicit application) for the subcategory “Deutschland (Germany)”.

If that is done you will see the “solved” checkbox in front of every single topic in your subcat topic lists. And then the originator (only himself) of a topic can set his topic to solved. According to my knowledge there is no more detailed function of the solved flag (like setting solved to a single post) available.

We entered a short description in our German user guide - “Lösung” (readable in english via translation button).

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It is the greyed-color checkbox with “Solution” next to it, I just checked it for @Map_HeRo’s post and it lit up green. I’ll offer hugs, too.

In short: ask your country’s (subcategory’s) moderator and if it needs to go up a chain or across a permission structure, it will. Our US subcategory is discussing it now. Maybe it will go to a vote, who knows? But now we know how this is supposed to work, so thanks.