Disconnecting a street


I’m new to osm and I recently walked along Reminger Road in Puhoi, New Zealand ( http://goo.gl/maps/PuDLb ). The part in the middle is no longer accessable to the public, as it is private farmland. I tried to correct this (http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/-36.5001/174.6196) in osm.

Do I really have to delete the whole Reminger Road and draw it new on both ends? Isn’t there another way I can cut out the middle?



Select the node where you want to split the way and press [P]

Nothing happens when I do that? I’m using chrome and the iD editor

This is the method for iD I believe as gleaned from a previous similar question…
Click on the road to select it.
Double click on an empty place on the selected road where the split is required and a node, small circle, is added. (unless you already have a node in the correct spot).
Click on the node to select it, a “palette” appears with one of the options a pair of scissors. Clicking on the scissors splits the road segment into two segments.
You should then be able to do the same with the other end of the private road segment and add the tag access=private to the middle bit if still there or delete it if the road is not there. Also add a gate or fence at the ends if present.

It worked. Thank you nevw!