Disaster Mapping for Hurricane Fiona

Greetings everyone, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) has activated for Hurricane Fiona and we just published the first project. You can find that project and any more to come for Fiona by using this link: HOT Tasking Manager - initial project is of moderate difficulty, but is accessible to beginners (there’s lots of tasks away from the two town centers that just have a building or two). Feel free to join the coordination chat in the #disaster-mapping channel on the HOT Slack

Initial information has been posted on the HOT Organized Editing Activities page and at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team | disaster services - we are actively seeking contacts in the Dominican Republic, if you are, or know of anyone who could provide input locally; please have them contact us (either here, Slack or via email to disasterservices@hotosm.org ).


Chat room is also freely accessible from Matrix open platform

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