Disaligned satellite imagery

I’m currently working a lot in my hometown of Gustavsberg, Sweden. I finished most parts of town in buildings, and now everything is not aligned to the satellite imagery due to new imagery. Is there anyone who knows where I can ask for someone to align this properly? It seems to happen quite often that new imagery is badly aligned to current data.

Hejsan Fringillus,

I checked that you are using Potlach2 as your editor. Moving the background image is quite simple. Just press down the space bar (and keep it down pressed) while you drag the background image with the mouse pointer (pressing down the left mouse button) to the correct location. Och samma på svenska.

mvh P

In many areas (but I don’t know about Sweden) newer Bing imagery is better aligned than the old images. Therefore it is worth checking whether the background is misaligned or rather the buildings are and their position needs to be corrected. GPS traces can be useful for that purpose if there are enough of them.