Diffrent A1 entries for Serbia

Currently in NSI (Name Suggestion Index) there are 3 entries for A1 in Serbia:

A1 (Srbija)
A1 centar
A1 prodajno mesto

Is there any difference between them and if yes, what is it? I can assume that the first one is the generic, the last one is a “selling point” (not sure what is meant here) and the second one is a “centre” (not sure what that means either).

Incidentally, I was the one who requested the A1 preset for the id-tagging-schema Issue 220.

As for NSI, there is no difference between the three entries as far as I can tell, and they should be merged into one (on retrospect, I’m not sure my suggestion for iD was ideal).

@Duja Do we actually need special, Serbian, A1 designator? To me, it looks like we can just add “rs” to “includes” in original (“a1-72366e”) entity and call it a day? If you do not agree, I agree we can just have one, maybe “a1prodajnomesto-6945ea” one.

@Branko_Kokanovic I believe we’d be (a bit) better off with country-specific presets for major brands such as this one – for the start, contact information will be different, and we can add some other local stuff such as Cyrillic renderings. Plus, it might be more convenient to retag should the business be sold and shops rebranded. But I’m not of a strong opinion here, either way will work.

As for the name, it should probably be just plain “A1” – after all, that’s all what reads on the shop entrance, and shop=mobile_phone tells you what it is.

That’s what I’ve done for quite a few brands in Bulgaria. A lot of people here tend to search for brands in Cyrrilic which would not match to anything if it used the main brand. (Like A1, Praktiker and others).

To me, it looks like we can just add “rs” to “includes” in original (“a1-72366e”) entity and call it a day?

That would propagate it to all other countries (Austria, Belarus, Hungary and Slovakia) which is not something you want.

I can merge them all into a single object. Would you be fine if I change it’s tags to:

brand=A1 Serbia
brand:sr=А1 Србија

Note the change from shop=mobile_phone to shop=telecommunication. This is in line with the (currently quite slow process) of moving telecom companies to their own tag since they sell various things that are not phones (SIM cards, mobile, TV and internet subscriptions etc.).

I am fine with it. Consider also adding:

Thanks for helping! I can do one sweep after it propagates to prod NSI to “fix” stale entries

I agree. Should I (or anyone else) also report an issue to id-tagging-schema so that the presets match? Probably the same should be also done for Mts and Yettel (ex-Telenor).

I have been bothered with that shop=mobile_phone as well, and I agree that shop=telecommunications is a much better choice.

By the way, I was not familiar with NSI… But I have a hunch that it should be coordinated – or efforts joined – with projects such as id-tagging-schema.

@Branko_Kokanovic The changes should appear in the next NSI release which should be on 12th December. It should be safe to make the edit on 13th or 14th.

I’ve added mts (since it wasn’t in the index) and moved A1 to the correct place. I have also done it for Yettel back when they rebranded from Telenor.

In case there are any other missing brands or issues with currently added ones, please report them in the NSI repo.

They are separate projects. The iD editor “joins” them by suggesting the brand tagging based on various tags and NSI’s data. JOSM has a plugin (or tagging preset) for NSI which can be quite useful if you are not using iD.

@Branko_Kokanovic the brand changes have been propagated to iD.

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