difference between nodetile server and tileserver

Can someone explain to me the difference between a tileserver and a node tileserver. In the documentation it is “explained” with one sentence only.


It is explained at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Node-tileserver.

Node tileserver is an alternative to existing tileservers and is meant to be more lightweight. It’s hard to go into it any deeper without knowing why you want to know.

It isn’t “a node tileserver”, it’s “node-tileserver”. It’s the name of a specific tile server. What you’re asking is similar to asking “what’s the difference between a car and a Volvo?”

Well first of all thank you both alester and Brian. Its a chapter in my thesis, writing about OSM, the components and architecture. I have seen the diagramm about the tileserver and the components of a tileserver.

I was just curios in what kind it is “lightweight”.

And please just answer, if you will not be any condescending. I am new at this topic and try to learn something new

In my experience “lightweight” often means “thrown together for an academic project and not of commercial quality” - but maybe I just have a bad experience with things written in node.js :slight_smile:

Looking very briefly at the page I gave you a link to, it looks like “lightweight” refers more to the installation process than anything else. But it could also mean that it consumes less resources on the server (I don’t think node.js is well known for being light on resources, but I could be wrong).

One way of finding out would be to try building/installing both and reaching your own conclusion.

I will try it. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Kind regards