Difference between Mapnik and Osmarender slippy map

Just noticed a bit of a weird one - there’s a lake missing in the Lake District!

It’s there in the Osmarender layer, and if I look in JOSM, the data is there, but Mapnik doesn’t show it. What’s going on there then?

Just in case you can’t find it, I’m looking at 54.57N, 3.14W.


It’s easier if you post links to the website, if you click on the “view tab” you will get a link.

Is this the place: http://openstreetmap.org/?lat=54.57&lon=-3.14&zoom=13&layers=B00FTF

I think this will work try it.


To clarify:

  • draw the lake and islands
  • add a multipolygon relation
  • tag the lake as natural=Water (relation outer)
  • tag the island as natural=water (relation inner)

I hope this works for you