Diff View?

Hi everyone,

is it possible to get some “diff view” of change sets? I am mainly using ID, vary rarely JOSM, and can’t find any reliable way to see e.g. from where to where a point was moved or where a way was located before deletion. Is that possible somehow?

Background: I just found three streets in my neighborhood where a user just moved the junction point off by a couple of hundred meters, thus having those streets zigzagging over the map crossing several other features. Looking closer I found that his user about three weeks ago made about 20 edits in the course of three days (history) some of which seem to have been already changed again by other users. I’d like to check now if the user’s edits were legit just making some mistake or if he vandalized around. How do I see the changes his edits caused?

We also have a very active german forum with a topic about vandalism, where your question fits fine (go to the last page). They will know the tool Achavi and how to use it, how to view the changes made by a changeset.


Thanks Franz.
Since this is a universal problem I asked in the English speaking forum