diff between overpass and xapi

Hello Cartographers,

I am a starter upper based in Chicago and I currently use the facebook places API for finding places near me. This is suitable for some purposes but FAR from adequate for what I want and my customers need. So, I have started researching how to use osm data for searching interesting places near a lat lon or within a bbox. Most searches are for specific types of places (such as coffee, restaurant, museum etc).

So, what should I do? Should I build my own map database from the planet file? if so, should I use xapi or should I use overpass? Alternatively, would you recommend any cloud hosted services such as Mapquest or Cloudmade?

Thank you!!!


Your question is not easy to answer, because we do not know your skills and your hardware you have available.

If I am not wrong, Mapquest and Cloudmade mainly offer map tiles to include in your own website.

Try to build up your own database on an own hardware … or try to run a local instance of Nominatim to start.

If you have bigger aims, have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Commercial_OSM_Software_and_Services

Tell us where you get stuck in detail, maybe we can give hints.