device map question


I’m having some issues with multiple maps and putting them on my device. I have an edge 800. I have requested two maps so far, UK and France.

When I download the installer for basecamp it installs maps, I then use javawa gmtk to change names and I now have two maps I can select, France and UK in basecamp.

I would like to put both of these on one SD. I have separately downloaded the IMG files and put those on SD… but they always have the same name on the device. I can’t seem to figure out how to change their names with javawa gmtk and just renaming the file obviously doesn’t work. Is there a way to rename the .img name and ID? so two maps are available on my device? Is there a way to create the img from the renamed gmap? I guess I am just not sure of the procedure for this.

Also I have errors in javawa on my two maps saying that segment codes exist in other maps too, which I guess will cos problems on the device? I tried a repair, but it can’t repair them, do I need to remove tiles manually?

I am loving the maps, though the routing for bicycle doensn’t seem very good… saying that, garmins autorouting was dreadful as well. I found a web site called and it looks pretty amazing for autorouting and creating GPX files, so that will suit me.

Thanks for any advice/help


I recommend to use specialized maps. For bicycle, e.g. or
As for car routing, I do not know a specialized map. Lambertus’ maps do not work properly on my Oregon 600 due to “activity routing” of newer Garmin devices, and I have to create the maps myself.
I never use basecamp and Javawa’s tools, so I cannot help with your main question. Only one hint I stumbled upon when I used the same map on an Oregon 400 and an Oregon 600: maps have both a “family name” and a “description” - one device type uses “description”, the other device type uses “family name”. Perhaps you could provide the values you tried for each map and the values shown on the device, thus enabling others to better help you.