Develop an application with OSM

I’m trying to develop an application like (OSM transport) an application that can trace routes on maps.
I need your help to get started, please can you please explain me the steps to develop a similar application.

My question is how would have to do it, if I download maps and store them in my database and then run them all from my server, or otherwise using the maps that are already in the OSM database from there

maybe there are more experts in one of the OSM mailinglists to answer this thing …

I’m too looking for a starting point to build a simple static web-application. Show a static map page and overlay some klickable pointers there. Buffer the maps in a local web server. I have so far used Googlemap, but it is a bit too massive in this environment making it slow to use.

Please give me a hint, where to find a appropriate discussion list or some nice link

I have built the rest of my system with php, perl, html and javascript. It would be nice, if there were some previous work with these tools to learn.

I managed to write it so that my website calls the main map in ‘’ with Lat/Lon parameters.

Now I have my Photo Album in such state, that it automatically gives a link to this map in cases, when the photo JPG has the GPS-information in the EXIF header.
I have tested this with Nokia 5230