Determining if a government institution acquired and designated lands and right-of-way (ROWs)

Do I tag as ownership=public if the lands where the structures stand and right-of-way were acquired and designated by a government institution (examples are if a company that acquired lands where the power line structures are located and portions (ROWs) were acquired by an institution/corporation/company owned by the government of a country)?

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I suggest using the actual name of the entity that owns the land. This name shoud refer to the specific company or division. If it owned
by thegovernment, make sure you which organization it is. You can include leaseholder or management organization by incluging them as the operator.

One example is all lattice towers of relocated San Simon-Pulilan section of Hermosa-Duhat-Balintawak transmission line (255, 256, 266, and 267) where these portions (ROWs) and lands where they stand were acquired and designated by the National Transmission Corporation (TransCo) which is a government-owned corporation while they are operated and maintained by the privately-owned National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). For NGCP, I will tag it as operator:type=private because it is a private company or corporation. Will I tag TransCo as ownership=public since it is a government-owned corporation?

That sounds correct. Though I would try to find the name of more local version of those entities if possible.

Yes. Thank you.