Detecting missing paths on OpenStreet Map based on bundle gps tracks

I’m quite new in the OpenStreetMap contribution community.

Is there such tool, where I upload plenty of GPS tracks and it is automatically detected where are missing tracks on OpenStreet Map? Then I focus only on the part that is missing and approve it.

I like riding bicycle throughout forests, fields and I’m recording my tracks with gps on smartphone.
I’ve got about 100 gps tracks recorded (gpx files).
Having so many files, comparing and looking for missing tracks on OpenStreet Map discourages me to analyse all of it.

I go to, upload all the files.
On map I see highlighted parts of my gps tracks, where OpenStreet Map doesn’t cover them.
I approve quickly only the highlighted parts (and define type of roads), the rest if ignored by system.

Maybe there should be adjustable parameter, how far my track can be from OpenStreet Map track, to acknowledge it as the same track.

Having such quick tool it will encourage many users to upload their plenty of gps tracks and make use of them to enrich OpenStreet Map fairly quickly.

What do you think about it?

No tool like that that I know of, but…
First upload all your tracks to OSM as they will then be available for you and everyone else to verify tracks and paths sharing the burden.
If you download an area of interest, including the gpx data, using the JOSM editor, and you can change the colour and thickness of the gpx tracks (via a right-click in the layer box) so that those that divert from ways already mapped are readily seen peeping out to the side of the ways.
I normally use ‘map paint style’ Josm default and Potlatch 2 and this style setup covers up the gpx tracks that line up well with the ways already mapped so any mapping that is out of date shows quite well as the gpx can be seen more easily there. This works well for roads. Tracks and paths are rendered thinner and this method does not work as well with them. If you are riding on tracks that are used by other cyclists use you may also load the Strava cycling and running heat map imagery to verify a change to the mapped way.

A tool to find unmapped road is covered my

but I am not sure whether you can use own GPX tracks as base material?