Deprecated features

  1. The “Map features” page contains the “amenity = sauna” tag, which is no longer used.
  2. There are pages for tags that have been deprecated and they do not appear in the OSM database. Does it make sense to delete these pages, or should they be retained for historical reasons?
  1. Please update the wiki page accordingly. If you do not have a wiki account you can create one at

  2. That depends on the tag. The pages are often kept. Sometimes there are linked proposals. Sometimes people want to keep the page so that nobody invents this tag again.

Sorry, I cannot create an wiki account (DNSBL).

If you send me your email address and your preferred username, I can create an account for you and send a random password to your email address.

Thanks, but it doesn’t help me: the wiki engine checks the DNSBL on every edit attempt. If possible, just correct the “amenity” table on the “Map Festures” page.

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